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About our firmAbout our firm

Only this time do you get to know our brushes? We have the answer for the question, how important is to trust, while you are shopping. Mezőpiktúra had been serving professional painting tools to small trade and wholesale partners for 20 years.


Let us explain you about our activity and what we do. We have a wide range of assortment. Design cant be prejudicial to duty! Next to the continous esthetic and functional developments the long-stood designs can be found in our stock/ in our market/ selection.


Our team mates will be always your assistance! Even you like to order some brush as distributor or you would tell us remark in reference to produtions, please get in touch with us.

You say paint! We say Piktura!You are at the best place where you meet prime tools to color. Every disrtibutor’s inquiry are welcome! Place an order telephone or send an email and we deliver according to schedule!

Productions of our company are beloved in decorator branch for years. Choose of our sweep-brushes or ever popular glaze brushes for the water based paints/primers and synthetic galze brushes. Take stock of the decorator tools and choose!



Contact us: +3670/561-9980


Email: mezopikturaatgmail [dot] com

Product recommendation

Lightweight plastic handle simple brush

Plastic-handle / Normal brush
Lightweight plastic handle simple brush

Wooden-handle normal brush

Wooden-handled brushes / Normal brush
Fanyalű normál ecset

Plastic-handle normal brush

Plastic-handle / Normal brush
Plastic-handle normal brush